Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network (LASSN)

Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network (LASSN)

Leeds LS1 4AD
  • English at Home – one to one tutoring for asylum seekers and refugees who are unable to attend mainstream ESOL classes. Contact: [email protected]
  • Welcome and Connect – one to one support for people who are isolated or find it hard to get out. Contact: [email protected]
  • Accommodation  – provides accommodation to destitute asylum seekers – all referrals via PAFRAS or British Red Cross. Contact [email protected]
  • We also help with spreading information and awareness across the sector, migrationpartnership.org.uk  and sharing training and development with other agencies. Contact [email protected]

Click here to refer to all of our projects.

We do not provide legal advice, housing advice, interpreting services, or hardship payments. 

Phone or email, no visitors without and appointment please.


Opening Times:

Monday: Office hours
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