Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Baby Steps is a perinatal education programme to prepare parents for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Baby Steps focuses on the transition to parenthood, the relationship between parents and the development of a positive relationship between parents and their babies.

There are nine sessions which cover:-

  • babies’ development,
  • parent infant interaction,
  • relationships and support,
  • the practicalities of parenting,
  • labour and birth,
  • caring for and feeding a new baby and
  • mental and physical health and wellbeing.

The programme is open to parents who are disadvantaged, or have additional needs, after the 26th week of pregnancy. This includes mums and families who meet one or more of the following criteria:-

  • recent migrants,
  • asylum seekers,
  • refugees or
  • those who have difficulty reading, speaking or understanding English,
  • have learning difficulties,
  • have low-level mental health problems,
  • victims of domestic abuse,
  • offenders or ex-offenders,
  • current or previous substance misusers,
  • homeless people,
  • gypsies or travellers,
  • those from particularly disadvantaged or isolated minority ethnic communities,
  • those not in education, employment or training,
  • those who are, or have been involved in crime or antisocial behaviour,
  • have been or are in the care system,
  • mothers aged 20 or under,
  • if they lack strong social or support networks and
  • those living in poor conditions or in severe financial hardship.

The programme helps get parents off to the best start, enabling them to build supportive relationships and care for their baby.

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