Ashiana Support for Female Survivors of Trafficking

Ashiana Support for Female Survivors of Trafficking

c/o PAFRAS, Unit 24 Unity Business Centre, 26 Roundhay Road, LS7 1AB

STEP: For women not currently receiving support through the National Referral Mechanism

In West Yorkshire Ashiana’s STEP Project supports women before and after they enter the NRM, as well as women who do not wish to enter the NRM. This compliments the Salvation Army contract provision and enables us to provide longer-term support for women who have on-going advocacy and support needs or are particularly vulnerable. The service is holistic and person centred allowing the survivor to identify and prioritise their needs and aims in order to enable women to make their own choices by providing a ‘needs led’ and trauma informed approach.

What we offer:

  • Providing information about the NRM process, exploring alternative options, liaising with first responders to enter NRM.
  • Enabling women to increase their independence and to integrate. This can include but is not exclusive to:
  • Access to legal advice
  • Access to health care including mental health services
  • Advocacy with statutory agencies (Home office, DWP)
  • Writing reports for solicitors and other agencies
  • Support throughout the asylum system (eg at asylum appeal hearings)
  • Signposting and referrals to long-term support services, support to volunteer, access education.

This work is funded for 12 months from 1st February 2018 by the European Commission and is delivered as part of a pilot in partnership with the British Red Cross and Hestia.

Referral criteria:
Must be: Can be any or more than one of the following:

  • Female (18+)
  • Have a history of trafficking
  • Residing in West Yorkshire } At risk of trafficking
  • Currently being exploited
  • Not currently in the NRM
  • In the NRM but not currently receiving support from Salvation Army & subcontractors
  • Post-NRM: has received Conclusive Grounds decision and support has ended or is due to end

If the woman does not meet the above criteria please contact us for a discussion about their needs.

How to refer
Please contact Lizzie Lowenstein or the Sheffield office to discuss any referral. You will be asked to complete a short referral form.
Contact West Yorkshire: Lizzie Lowenstein – [email protected] 07597341436
Sheffield Office: 0114 255 5740 [email protected]

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