Asylum Justice and Release (AJAR)

Asylum Justice and Release (AJAR)

All Hallows Church, 24 Regent Terrace, Leeds LS6 1NP

AJAR is a network of people in Leeds, often from faith communities, seeking to help people currently in detention who have a valid case for applying for bail.

AJAR seeks to support asylum seekers who:

  • have been detained after the period when other prisoners facing a similar charge have already been released
  • are struggling with support
  • would live in the Leeds area if they were released

Our volunteers are drawn from faith communities in Leeds and we work with those who have a pre-existing connection to the area, and so are able to access their own support community to varying extents. We also give talks to churches, other faith communities and interested groups in Leeds about asylum issues.

We do not charge for any services.  Any monies received are used in our support work.
We have no paid workers: all work is carried out by volunteers.

We’re currently looking for volunteers: Click here to find out more

Via email or phone


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