This Directory is intended to be a resource for asylum seekers, refugees, people they know, and people who are helping them.

We’ve tried to keep it simple, and make it easy to use on both desktops, tablets and cheap smartphones.

On the desktop version, there’s a Translate button on the bottom right hand side

Don’t forget to check the Opening Times of a place before you set off, and use your current postcode in the Get Directions section, for foot, car, and public transport links.


People without a smartphone might want to use the yellow Print Listing button in the top right hand corner of each entry.


If you’ve used the Get Directions button, it will also print out turn by turn instructions, as well as bus numbers, details etc.

How to use on a smartphone: in Arabic, Farsi, French and English

Missing links

Like all Directories, this one will go out of date on the day it’s published, so please let us know if you spot anything that’s not right using the Update something form .

Similarly, if you think we’ve missed something we should have included, please let us know.

Our Android App

This is currently an experimental work in progress, so if you use it, please give us feedback.

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App builders/Directory makers

There’s no confidential information included here, so if you’d like an xml file with all the orgs and their details on here, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll email it to you.

Sadly, we can’t provide you with guidance on how to use this xml file, but you’re still welcome to it, and you might figure it out eventually.

British Red Cross and the people behind RefugeeAid App have already used the information gathered here – so it can be done.